100th Anniversary Capital Campagn Q & A

When will the renovations start?

The first thing we will do after we have received the disbursement of funds from our loan with the diocese is to purchase the land. We are currently finalizing the paperwork for the loan and the seller is finalizing the paperwork for sale of the land. I expect everything to be completed for this by August 1st. The next phase of the project will begin when we have sufficient funds in the bank to guarantee payment of expenses. In addition to the funds from the loan, we will need about $50,000 of capital campaign pledge payments. Some people divided their pledges over the course of one, two or three years. Fortunately, the amount of money that was pledged for 2018 will allow us to begin the major part of the renovation project as soon as we have that portion of money on hand. That means either waiting until the end of 2018 to begin or earlier if funds come in sooner. If a portion of your pledge is for 2018, please pay it as soon as you can. This will put us in the position of being able to begin as soon as the contractor is ready. Perhaps as early as September. We anticipate that Phase One of the project will take four to five months to complete.

What if I cannot make a pledge?

If you cannot make a pledge at this time, please fill out a pledge card and let us know that you have prayerfully considered this request. If your circumstances change for the better in the next three years please consider making a pledge when you are able.

Should I lower my normal pledge to Trinity and make a pledge to the 100th Anniversary Capital Campaign?

No, absolutely not! We are counting on people being able to continue with their normal pledge to Trinity over the course of the next three years. Any pledge to the 100th Anniversary Capital Campaign is in addition to your regular pledge. If you cannot do both, please maintain your regular pledge.

What if I die in the next year or so?

We certainly hope this does not happen! However, it is always a good idea to be prepared. A good start would be to speak with Pastor Cass regarding your funeral wishes or at least write them down and give them to someone. Do not put them in a drawer.

In terms of your pledge to the 100th Anniversary Capital Campaign, you should make your pledge known to whomever will be handling your estate after your death. You should let them know your desire that your 100th Anniversary Capital Campaign pledge be paid from the resources of your estate. By the way, this also is true for your regular pledge to Trinity. We have often fell short of our annual pledge goal for a given year due to death of pledgers with no specific instruction that their pledge should be paid.

What if the campaign receives more money than was asked for?

If we receive more than our $230,000 stretch goal, we will proceed to the next item on our list of “special projects.” In addition to Phase One of the Master Plan, we included the first two special projects on the list as a part of the capital campaign stretch goal. They are the purchase of the land and the expansion of the sanctuary. The next item on the list is the purchase of a new musical instrument for the sanctuary. Any extra or left over money will start a fund for that item.

What if we don’t reach the $230,000 goal?

It looks like we will not reach the $230,000 stretch goal that we set for ourselves. We are in discussion with the contractor regarding some cost savings we can undertake. Also, we will likely have to delay some anticipated projects such as re-carpeting the upstairs (Sunday School rooms) and new flooring for the parish hall. As things stand now, with the reduced number of projects, we still need to raise at least an additional $10,000 That means a congregation goal of around $185,000. We are currently at $175,000. We are waiting to hear from the remaining 10 or so pledgers.

Is there anything else I should know?

You should know that your participation in this effort is extremely important and very much appreciated. We are able to do this because every member of Trinity is doing what he or she can.

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