Gardens & Landscape

Trnity Garden

The Bread & Roses gardens and landscape cover nearly a two-acre property, including the church building and grounds, adjacent rental properties and a wooded lot.

The garden is primarily composed of native and edible plants, carefully selected to provide food, shelter and habitat for native insects and pollinators (including bees and butterflies), as well as for birds, reptiles, mammals and humans. This approach helps maintain habitat biodiversity and enables the insects to pollinate the crops grown in the garden, which are then distributed to market partners.

The heart of the Bread & Roses garden are the vegetable gardens. These gardens consist of  20 raised beds in the lower and upper landscape, where our volunteers cultivate seasonal fruits and vegetables. The gardens are a demonstration site for sustainable practices in an urban setting, showcasing the possibilities of growing food in an environmentally responsible way.

Our focus on sustainability extends to waste management as well. We use compost bins to convert organic garden waste into valuable soil amendments, reducing our need for synthetic fertilizers. The garden has a demonstration vermicomposting system, which uses worms to break down organic matter into nutrient-rich castings. This process enhances the quality of compost and improves soil health.

Watering in the Gardens

We need volunteers to water! We have a schedule of how often different plants need to be watered, and most of our hoses are lightweight and easy to use. We also water some baby trees with gallon jugs of water, and our pots with watering cans!

Help keep Trinity green this summer! Contact Kristan Pitts at [email protected] for details.

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