Pedging Q & A

Each fall, every member of the parish is given the opportunity to support the ministry of Grace Church by pledging a contribution to the upcoming annual budget. Parishioners’ pledged offerings provide 85% of our annual income. While the campaign is conducted in the fall, pledges are accepted at any time.

Why Are Annual Pledges Important?

Annual pledges fund the church’s operation and support all that the Church does in its many ministries. Your annual pledge is essential if we are to sustain our existing ministries and begin to address our goals for the future.

The vestry formulates and approves the annual operating budget based on written pledges. Difficult decisions are required each year because needs always exceed pledges. Pledging is critically important because the vestry is committed to a balanced budget.

Planning responsibly is an important part of stewardship at Trinity.

What is a Pledge?

A pledge is a commitment to give a certain amount of money to Trinity in a given year. Most people fulfill their pledges in installments, each week or month throughout the year.

How Do I Decide How Much to Pledge?

Your decision is as personal as your prayer and only you can know what’s right for you – at this stage in your journey, in your current financial circumstances. If you’ve never pledged, you may want to begin by pledging something and making it part of your weekly spiritual practice. Notice along the way how your giving is influencing your life and your relationship with the Trinity community.

What Does it Mean to Give Proportionately?

Proportional giving is based on the premise that the first fruits are given to enable God’s ministries in our midst through generous sharing all of the gifts that God has so freely given to each of us. It refers to a conscious effort to determine an appropriate level of giving by giving in proportion to your annual household income. The biblical benchmark for giving is the tithe, 10 % of household income.

Are There Giving Guides?

There are many ways to give and to serve Christ and the Church. You might want to begin at five percent, moving your gift upward annually, as you are able. If you have given proportionally in the past, we respectfully ask that you consider pledging 10% more than you did last year.

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